What is the Life Span of Window Film?

The life span of window film is an important factor when considering window film over other alternatives like blinds and air conditioning. The longevity of window film will also have an impact the overall installation cost and long term cost savings especially if you’re considering a window film solution for a large scale commercial project.

The life span of window film is impressive, however there are a number of factors that contribute to the endurance and durability of window film products.

Window films generally come with a a 10-15 year guarantee for commercial window film applications and a lifetime guarantee for residential window film installations. Whereas blinds usually last for approximately five years but designs, colours and trends are constantly changing and can become outdated far sooner. Air conditioning has a typical life span of between 5-7 years. Neither blinds or air conditioning come close to competing with window film in terms of longevity.

The Life Span of Window Film is Dependent on:

  • Quality of the window film
  • Exposure to the elements i.e. weather extremes
  • Internal or external, sloped or vertical window film application
  • Position of the window film on the building i.e. north facing, east or west etc.
  • Type and brand of window film
  • Installation i.e. professional or DIY

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