Window Film vs. Air Conditioning

There are some common misconceptions people make when they think about window film often associated with dark tints and one way glass. While these are options, window film has so much more to offer and a wide range of benefits that when compared with other alternatives, quite simply leave them in the shade.

Let’s look at air conditioning for example and compare it to window film. What can window film offer that air conditioning can not? Let’s start with reducing solar energy.

Turning Down the Heat

Let’s take a look at the ways window film can reduce solar energy:

  • Reduces solar energy by up to 80% and blocks harmful UV rays, protecting you from UV exposure.
  • Reduces hot spots in your home or work place significantly reducing the interior temperature without sacrificing natural light or views from your windows.
  • Protects your furniture, flooring and rugs from fading.
  • Reduces the brightness and blinding glare from the sun by up to 87%.

Unfortunately, none of the benefits mentioned above can be attributed to air conditioning.

Energy and Cost Savings

Solutions that increase efficiency and decrease expenses are something we all have in common. So how does window film help us achieve both?

  • The installation costs of window film are impressively lower than air conditioning.
  • The maintenance and repair cost of window film are far more cost effective than that of an air conditioning unit.
  • Window film conserves heat during the cold winter months and reduces summer cooling bills by effectively reducing solar energy.

Air conditioners require specialist maintenance and cleaning which can be costly and they are expensive to operate and maintain throughout the year.

Life Expectancy

Window films have a 10-15 year guaranteed for commercial applications depending on the type window film and installation. Residential window films can come with a lifetime guarantee, also dependent on the type of window film and installation.

The life span of an air conditioner is approximately 5-7 years.

The Best of Both

If you already have air conditioning in your home or business, installing window film can add a number of cost and energy saving benefits.

  • Window film can reduce the temperature in a room by approximately five degrees and can eliminate up to 80% of the heat from the sun.
  • Window film can also help prolong your air conditioner’s service life as it doesn’t need to work as hard to cool the room.
  • Your air conditioner will take less time and use less energy to reach the desired room temperature.

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